CBLTE distinguishes between two types of members, fellows (including both senior fellows and fellows) and friends.

  • Senior fellows are invited to join the CBLTE roster, and normally have a doctoral degree or equivalent status.
  • Fellows are typically students of senior fellows.
  • Friends are people affiliated with the Centre who do not not meet the qualifications for senior or junior fellowship, often MDC alumni or people in the pastoral community.

All membership is no cost, but is subject to a two-year renewal.

All fellows are expected to contribute to the centre through activity on the forum, participation in the MDC linguistics circle, the bi-annual CBLTE-sponsored Bingham Colloquium, or through publication of relevant research related to the major research interests of the Centre: linguistics, translation, and exegesis.

Below you can see the roster of current members, find links to their personal and faculty websites, blog, and public repositories where you can access versions of many of their publications.

For more information on membership, or to report a broken link, please contact us.


Senior Fellows

Junior Fellows


  • Ben Putt
  • Megan Putt