McMaster Divinity College Linguistics Circle – Monthly Meeting

  • Presenter: Dr. Christopher Land
  • Title: “Constraints on Attributive Modifier Insertion in Ancient Greek Nominal Phrases”

We are excited to announce the first Linguistics Circle gathering for 2024, as we kick off the calendar year with a paper by Dr. Christopher Land, entitled “Constraints on Attributive Modifier Insertion in Ancient Greek Nominal Phrases.” The meeting will take place on Thursday, January 11, from 7-9 pm. Below is the abstract of the paper.

Ancient Greek nominal phrases (variously referred to as noun phrases, nominal groups, etc.) have been extensively discussed and described, but not yet adequately explained. The present paper revisits their structures in order to propose an integrated description that treats their structural patterns as the outworking of: (1) meaningful differences amongst the various wordings that have the potential to serve as substantives/attributives; (2) probabilistic constraints that inhibit certain incoherent combinations; (3) the logical prioritization of wordings whose meanings are relatively more dense, general, concrete, and/or intrinsic; and (4) a small number of linearization restrictions surrounding the article that serve to clarify its scope.

Anyone who is interested in joining is most welcome to join this and future meetings. As usual, there is a pre-Circle dinner gathering at 5pm. We will meet in Cullen Hall near the back doors (that face the centre of campus) and walk together to the Phoenix on campus.

And as we have done throughout this year, we will be meeting at the College (board room), as well as on Zoom (link below) for those who are unable to join in person. For any questions or comments, please contact co-chairs Dr. Stanley Porter, Dr. Dave Yoon (, or email CBLTE directly ( We look forward to another fruitful discussion!

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