McMaster Divinity College Linguistics Circle – Monthly Meeting

  • Presenter: Dr. John Lee (PhD graduate and Managing Editor of MDC Press)
  • Title: “From πιστεύειν to πίστις: Neglected Evidence for ‘Faith in Christ’”

The upcoming Linguistics Circle gathering is coming up this week, Thursday, February 15, 7–9pm, as we discuss a paper by Dr. John Lee (PhD graduate and Managing Editor of MDC Press), entitled “From πιστεύειν to πίστις: Neglected Evidence for ‘Faith in Christ.’” The abstract is:

The meaning of πίστις Χριστοῦ has long been questioned and debated. Contrary to the widespread lack of confidence and interest in linguistic approaches to the issue, I employ the SFL (Systemic Functional Linguistics) notion of ideational metaphor—especially nominalization—to the interpretation of this Pauline expression πίστις Χριστοῦ and suggest that a linguistic reading still can shed light on this matter. I conclude by proposing that the traditional objective genitive interpretation “faith in Christ” is to be preferred.

Anyone who is interested in joining is most welcome to join, either in person or online. As usual, there is a pre-Circle dinner gathering at 5pm. We will meet in Cullen Hall near the back doors (that face the centre of campus) and walk together to the Phoenix on campus.

As customary, our discussion will be held in the College board room, as well as on Zoom (link below) for those who are unable to join in person. For any questions or comments, please contact co-chairs Dr. Stanley Porter, Dr. Dave Yoon (, or email CBLTE directly ( We look forward to another fruitful discussion about ideational metaphors, genitives, and the “Faith in/of Christ” debate!

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