McMaster Divinity College Linguistics Circle – Monthly Meeting

  • Presenter: Namhyo Kim (PhD student in New Testament at MDC)
  • Title: “Creation Thematic Formation in the Gospel of John”

The second-to-final Linguistics Circle gathering for 2023–2024 will be on Thursday, March 7, 7–9pm, as we have Namhyo Kim (PhD student in New Testament), entitled “Creation Thematic Formation in the Gospel of John.” The abstract is as follows:

This paper will employ Jay Lemke’s concept of textual thematic formation to illustrate how the Gospel of John develops the thematic formation of “God’s work-finish-rest (Sabbath),” based on Genesis 2:1-3. I will argue that τετέλεσται in John 19:28-30 signifies the culmination of this thematic formation, and should be interpreted as a declaration of the completion of recreation. Furthermore, I will contend that around this climax, various passages in the Gospel of John that use these thematic patterns, particularly those concerning the Sabbath controversies, must be reinterpreted in light of this creation thematic pattern.

Anyone who is interested in joining is most welcome to join, either in person or online. As usual, there is a pre-Circle dinner gathering at 5pm. We will meet in Cullen Hall near the back doors (that face the centre of campus) and walk together to the Phoenix on campus.

As customary, our discussion will be held in the College board room, as well as on Zoom (link below) for those who are unable to join in person. To access and read the paper beforehand (highly recommended), it can be found the CBLTE forum. For any questions or comments, or access to the forum, please contact co-chairs Dr. Stanley Porter, Dr. Dave Yoon (, or email CBLTE directly ( We look forward to another fruitful discussion about John’s thematic formation of Sabbath rest, a timely reminder during these final few weeks of the academic year.

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